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Letter of Acceptance [06 May 2008|03:42am]
Dear Prospective Student,

We here at Bainbridge Academy of Excellence have the immense pleasure of informing you that you have been accepted into our educational programs for the fall and spring semesters of this school year. It is with much deliberation that we made this decision, and we hope that our choice of accepting you opens a new field of opportunities for your future. The talents and gifts that our scouts assured us you have look to be quite promising. We cannot wait to see the progress you will make under our grueling educational program that is not only geared toward improving your minds, but also the social stature you were born with.

Along with this letter, you will be receiving a packet of information that includes our student's code of conduc, as well as your enrollment forms for the fall semester. Please read through each of these elements carefully. Once you have covered everything, fill out the enrollment form and send it back to the school's address so that we can get to the business of arranging a dorm room and class schedule for you.
Thank you for considering our school. We hope that Bainbridge Academy brings everything you've been looking for. And more.


Bainbridge Academy Faculty
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Student's Code of Conduct [06 May 2008|03:31am]
Before you fill out the enrollment form that came with your letter, please take the time to read over the small booklet entitled "Bainbridge Academy of Excellence Student's Code of Conduct," that also came with your package. We would like Bainbridge Academy to be a safe, exciting place to be trained for all students. And in order for it to be so, there are a few ground rules that need to be covered.

Bainbridge Academy Student's Code of Conduct )
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Classes and Dorm Assignments [06 May 2008|03:30am]
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Played By's [06 May 2008|03:20am]

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Held )

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Enroll... [06 May 2008|02:14am]

If you have read the student's code of conduct for Bainbridge Academy, and wish to enroll in our program, please fill out the following enrollment form:

Enrollment Form )
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Big Pimpin' [06 May 2008|01:32am]
[ music | Anna Molly - Incubus ]

Pimp the community, mmkay?

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